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1Move to center. Holding the back of the hakama under your chin open the hakama and reach inside and push the center to the right. Next lay the hakama face down on the floor.
2Straighten back pleats. Interleave and straighten the pleats. Grasping the top and the bottom of the hakama flip the hakama over keeping the back pleats aligned.
3Straighten front pleats. Flatten and straighten the front pleats.
4Fold in sides. Fold the sides of the hakama in giving the hakama an even width.
5 Fold the hakama into thirds starting at the bottom and finishing with the top. Longer hakama may require an additional fold.
6 Use your hand to make a crease and fold the first third.
7 Fold the the second third.
8 Place the hakama with the back up. Take the long front himo and double them twice.
9 Repeat with the second himo and cross diagonally.
10 Take the short back himo and lay on top of the folded himo, bring under the point where the folded himo cross so it is pointing toward the top of the hakama.
11 Now bring the himo diagonlly downward over itself.
12 Wrap the himo under so it is now pointing diagonally upward.
13 Lay the himo on top of the folded himo so it is pointing downward in the same direction as it started from.
14 Wrap the second himo in the same way. If the himo are too long double the ends back under.
15 Second method. Wrap the himo in front of the hakama instead of back as shown.
16 Fold the hakama once more in half and tuck it under the himo. Now you have a little package that will stay neat and is easy to pack almost anywhere for your trip.

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