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Asociación Japonesa Argentina - Kendo Dojo Link dead 9/27/02

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Australian Kendo Federation-new site

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Mexican Kendo Federation/Federacion de Mexicana Kendo, A.C. (FMK)

Nederlandse Kendo Renmei

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Russian Kendo Federation (Russian & English language) Link dead 12/27/05

Russian Kendo Federation-Siberian Branch (Russian language)

    Kabardino-Balkaria Republic in Russia Kendo Federation (Russian language)
    City of Nalchik

Singapore Kendo Club

Southern Africa Kendo Federation (SAKF)

Swedish Budofederation, Kendosection (SBK)

Sektion Kendo + Iaido, Swiss Judo Federation (SKI)

Yugoslavia Kendo, Kendo Saveza Jugoslavije

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