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Kendo in America

Kendo in the U.S. today is practiced mostly in clubs and dojo that are members of regional federations which are members of the All United States Kendo Federation. There are also Kumdo clubs which is the Korean adaptation/adoption of Kendo. Korea has its own history of swordsmanship which will not be detailed here. Kumdo is practiced basically the same as Kendo but has a few minor differences in philosophy and techniques. There are also some unaffiliated clubs practicing.

The AUSKF started out as the Kendo Federation of United States of America. There was a split in the federation with the KFUSA remaining with the majority of members and a smaller Beikoku Kendo Renmei (Lit. American Kendo Federation) splitting off. The federations were later reunited as the AUSKF and the other federations dissolved. The membership of the AUSKF consists of 15 regional members. The regional members consist of a minimum of at least 3 kendo clubs and a minimum of 50 individuals in the aggregate of the kendo clubs or dojo. Individual people or clubs cannot be members of the AUSKF.

The AUSKF provides national examinations for 5th Dan (5th degree blackbelt)and above, holds yearly camps for kendo and iaido, a yearly junior championship and tri-annual national championship. National championships and world championships are conducted every three years, the national championships being the year prior to the world tournament.