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Kendo Reference and How-to's



Japanese English Kendo Dictionary.


How to Fold a Hakama.

How to Wash the Hakama.

Meaning of the Pleats of the Hakama.


About the Shinai

Selecting and Preparing the Shinai

Shinai Regulations for Weight and Length


About Kendo Armor


Diagrams showing Kendo techniques and relationships


Tournament Scorekeeping Handout

Promotion Exam

IKF Standard Rules for Dan/Kyu Examination

IKF Fuyo Kijun, Guidelines for Assessing Pass or Fail in Promotion Examinations

Study Guide for Promotional Examination

AUSKF Kendo Promotional Examination Seminar. Dec. 11th, 1998
Text of opening remarks by the AJKF.

Books and Videos

  • Books
    • This Is Kendo
      By J. Sasamori & G. Warner
    • Kendo: The Definitive Guide
      By H. Ozawa
    • Fundamental Kendo
      By All Japan Kendo Federation
      Available in Japan as a 2 volume paperback.
      Excellent book but difficult to obtain.
    • Japanese Swordsmanship
      By G. Warner & D. Draeger
    • The Craft of the Japanese Sword
      By Kapp & Yoshihara
  • Video Tapes
    • The following tapes are produced by the All Japan Kendo Federation and available from various sources.
    • Kendo Instruction Guidance Vol. 1
    • Kendo Instruction Guidance Vol. 2
    • Kendo Instruction Guidance Vol. 3
    • Nihon Kendo Kata
    • AJKF Seitei Iai
    • AJKF Jodo

Kendo Potpourri

The Japanese Sword Index
Comprehensive guide to the Nihonto.

The Taiseidokai Kendo Club of Glasgow Scotland has zip file of The Kendo Reader by Noma Hiroshi (1910-1939) on their website in english. This is a good read for a kendoist.

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